The Seceon community spirit was on overdrive this week as Seceon held its 3-day, four hours a day, quarterly training sessions. The virtual sessions featured talks by partners, customers, engineers, support team members, sales leaders, marketers, and the executive team. Topics covered everything from trends in the threat landscape to the latest capabilities, features, and use cases for Seceon aiSIEM, aiXDR, aiMSSP, and new products like Seceon aiSecurity Score360 and aiSecurity BI360.

There was continuous interaction with the virtual audience with both chat Q&A and audio Q&A. We heard that several partners had “viewing parties” where teams were gathered in conference rooms and listening and learning together. The closing session had an exam that featured dozens of multiple-choice questions. Hundreds of attendees took the exam at the same time, we are happy to report some great results quickly flooded in. For the many that missed the goal, retakes are available. Certifications will be validated,  prepared, and sent out soon.

The MCs for the event were Chandra Pandey, CEO and Co-Founder, Smit Kadakia Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder and Lalit Shinde, CRO. 


Business and Cybersecurity Program Building talks included:


  • 2023 Threats – What’s New, How to Protect Your Clients
  • Visual Cues – How to Spot Events and Interpret the Seceon UX for low MTTD, MTTR
  • Introducing the New Seceon Support and Partner Portal
  • Marketing Your Security Services – 2023’s Latest Winning Tactics and Tools
  • MSSPs – The Latest Trends in Services and Profits
  • Cybersecurity Services Update from a Partner Based on the African Continent

Seceon Product and Platform Updates, Usage Training, and Demos


  • Seceon aiXDR –  Platform Architecture Updates
  • Seceon aiXDR – GUI Walkthrough
  • Seceon aiSecurity BI360 Overview,Demo and Examples 
  • Seceon aiXDR – EPP – New Feature Demo
  • Seceon aiXDR – EDR Enhancements
  • Seceon aiXDR – Forensic Analysis
  • Seceon aiMSSP – Latest Enhancements
  • Seceon – Cloud Security Enhancements
  • Seceon – Vulnerability Assessment Improvements

The case study questions had some great partners and customers share their experiences and learnings out in the field, running and deploying cybersecurity services in complex and unique deployments around the world.

  • Case Study Session on a Large Educational University Deployment
  • Case Study Session on a Large Deployment on Critical Infrastructure featuring all of the attack surface types: Networks, Endpoints, Cloud, IoT, OT etc.
  • Case Study Session on Winning Against Larger MSP/MSSPs

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner or getting a demo of the platform, please contact us.

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