I spent my weekend with some of my favorite people in the MSP Channel. Paco LeBron puts on a show every year called TechCON Unplugged. It’s not a big show. There’s no elite hotel, luxurious SPA, super famous key notes… No, this is a community event. An event created by and for MSPs and it is one of my favorite events each year. 

The MSP channel is saturated with corporate-sponsored events where vendors clamor for attention, and agendas seem to prioritize sales pitches over substance. Finding an informal, educational conference can feel like stumbling upon a hidden oasis in the desert. I’m not sure New Jersey could ever be considered an oasis, but the conference was great. TechCON Unplugged stands apart from the traditional conference circuit, providing a genuine space for learning, collaboration, and community-building.

Paco and his cohorts understand the unique challenges faced by MSPs and tailor the content and sessions accordingly. They brought in speakers who have walked in the same shoes as the attendees who shared real-world experiences and practical insights. Every session was relevant, valuable, and applicable to the daily lives of the MSP.

This experience was a breath of fresh air and demonstrated that there is room for innovation and authenticity in the world of industry gatherings. The informal format and community-driven approach combined to create an event that was both educational and fun. It served as a reminder that, in the midst of the giant ecosystems and vendor drive GTM tactics that there are still places where genuine connections, meaningful discussions, and shared knowledge can take center stage.

For me, speaking at the event was incredibly fun. I was able to create my own educational content, sans vendor pitch and the best part about it was the discussion that took place with the audience. They were truly engaged, asked questions, and shared their own experiences. Not only was I able to share some knowledge, but the whole room engaged in dialog, asked questions and helped each other gain new skills and knowledge to use right away in their businesses.

If you’re an MSP professional seeking a conference experience that truly puts your needs and interests first, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for events organized by Paco and his team. Also, listen to the MSP Unplugged podcast. You might just find yourself rejuvenated and inspired, ready to tackle the challenges of our industry with newfound energy and insights.

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