SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are not just ubiquitous in 2024, but for many SMBs, increasingly, they are the only deployment models that meet their business, financial, and technical needs.

In fact, 30% are already cloud-native; 37% intend to be cloud-native in about three years. [O’Reilly] and 70% of software used by today’s companies are SaaS applications. [DevSquad]

This is one of the reasons why Gartner says the fastest-growing segment in the IT security market is cloud security. [Gartner]


Today, we are launching Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard. It’s our first-ever self-service, completely SaaS offering, where MSPs, MSSPs, and their clients can benefit from Seceon’s AI/ML-powered automated threat detection and response – with no hardware, virtual machines, or local collectors.

Today, Google Apps has a market share of just over 50%, and Microsoft Office 365 has around 45%, and the majority of businesses are using these services to empower their employees to communicate, create, process, store, and manage their business data. [Enlyft]

While Microsoft has safeguards and tools to protect Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure users, data, applications, and systems, they don’t offer a single solution to detect indicators of compromise and indicators of threats and then correlate them across these cloud environments and their user’s endpoints, and identities.

Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard does just that. Within minutes, you can enable and configure Seceon to ingest the logs, flows, and events from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure and from your cloud-powered EDR, SASE networks, cloud-powered identities, and more. It all happens in real-time, and once ingested, all that metadata is enriched and runs through the Seceon AI/ML-powered threat detection engines. These engines look for indicators of compromise and indicators of behaviors to detect, malware, ransomware, phishing, identity theft, insider threats, brute force attacks, and the list goes on. Seceon has many advanced algorithms that span user, network, and infrastructure behavior analysis, anomaly detection, and the previously mentioned threat intelligence feeds.


Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard can then respond automatically to stop, block, or quarantine threats or follow your team’s specific playbooks. And at any time, you or your colleagues can view not just the threat detection alert but can visualize the attack path and timeline. Seceon’s UX enables analysts to drill down and get the details or map the attack to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. 

Seceon’s aiSIEM-CGuard also has a full array of reports available to enable your team to help clients answer any audit or compliance requests from your cyber insurer, industry regulations or customers. These same reports can also be configured to apply policies and ensure that cyber postures are verified.

And we have an exclusive version of Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard for our MSP/MSSP partners. Seceon offers a “Community Version” of Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard for MSPs/MSSPs to run to protect their own data, applications, infrastructure and users. We support the community-wide effort to protect core infrastructure and systems that MSPs run while enabling teams with unprecedented visibility, and automated detection and response for threats in real-time.

Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard Community Edition for cloud-sourced telemetry (MSP/MSSP NFR- Limited to 5 Sources and 25 Users) is available for the community. We believe your existing teams can run and benefit from its scalable, real-time automated threat detection and response. From Microsoft Windows System Administrators to the most accomplished security architects, we believe our platform has the power and ease of use to protect your organization.

Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard is available today. Learn more, sign up, or get a demo of Seceon at

Existing partners can learn more about Seceon’s aiSIEM-CGuard at the Q1 Innovation and Certification Days on January 22 – 24. Be sure to register and save a seat here:

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