CEOCFO: Mr. Pandey, would you tell us about Seceon?

Mr. Pandey: We founded the company in early 2015. We clearly saw the cyber security challenges both the industry and enterprises were facing. The solutions that existed were not up to par, as they were developed almost a decade ago. This is especially true as we acknowledge big breaches emerging where data has been leaked from data centers, as well as the enterprise, including those which had multiple security product silos in their environment. Therefore, we knew we had to create something that would be comprehensive and cover the whole IT infrastructure for the entire enterprise instead of creating a new silo.

CEOCFO: What have you created that encompasses the full spectrum of security?

Mr. Pandey: Organizations need a holistic solution for the enterprise. We had to create a platform, because the solution needed to be more than just a feature. In our platform we collect information from all parts of your infrastructure, such as applications, users, network flows, workflow and authentication, etc. Whether the application is running inside the organization or being accessed from outside, we understood from the beginning that we needed to discover, learn and know everything happening in enterprise. We visualize the data within the context of the enterprise and as such, we extract one hundred-plus features from data we collect and these features are used in our dynamic threat model, behavioral analytics and machine learning, to surface the threats that really matter. The challenge customers face with their existing silo’ed solutions is that they receive thousands of alerts and it’s nearly impossible to know what to do about each and every one of them. This volume of alerts means that companies have to dedicate significant human intelligence to determine the potential threat level and impact. The reality is, however, that there just may not be human talent readily available to analyze and assess the real dangers. Our innovative platform uses patent-pending predictive analytics, machine learning, and dynamic threat models with behavioral analytics to automatically generate plain English, prioritized threat alerts in real-time, giving IT teams the ability to both detect and respond to the threats before critical data is exfiltrated and damage done. Seceon’s OTM Platform closes the threat loop by seeing and stopping the threats in a proactive manner. Seceon OTM is the industry’s first and only fully automated, real-time threat detection and remediation system to detect, analyze and eliminate cyber-threats in minutes.

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