Seceon and our partner Logically held a webinar to discuss the importance of scoring, benchmarking, and reporting risks, answering audits, and reporting risk reduction results to MSP and MSSP clients.

In the webinar, Keith Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Logically, Tom Ertel, SVP, Technical Sales & Strategic Accounts, Seceon, and William Toll, VP, Marketing Seceon.

The webinar was held as Seceon recently launched two new solutions that provide excellent platforms for MSPs and MSSPs to use to communicate the value of the services they are providing. The two new solutions from Seceon are:

Seceon aiSecurity Score360. It’s a service that provides comprehensive scanning and risk assessments of attack surfaces. It scans externally and internally and applied intelligence from the CVE, NVT, OVAL, and CPE databases. It’s modular dashboard includes charts and tables with “drill down” capabilities, making values in the dashboard meaningful and actionable.

Seceon aiSecurity BI360. With this feature, Seceon users can select from pre-set compliance and regulatory reports based on frameworks, including CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR. They can perform their own analysis and reporting and combine both real-time and historical views of events and use that knowledge for better planning and predicting future attacks. 

During the webinar, Keith shared how Logically spends a good amount of time educating their new and existing clients about how and why having strong security postures is essential. Logically uses 3rd party scorecards and reports to support their effort to get their clients the best security program that fits their budget. Reports from their platforms demonstrate that Logically provides services with more substantial outcomes for risk reduction.

Keith also stated that the changes in cyber insurance and compliance frameworks and regulations have on monitoring, managing, and reporting the details from a baseline to a score that changes over time.

At the end of the webinar Tom provided the webinar attendees with a quick five-minute demo of Seceon’s new aiSecurity Score360 and aiSecurity BI360.

We encourage you to watch this short webinar and see how fast-growing, customer outcome focused MSSPs like Logically provide best-in-class managed security services with platforms and capabilities from platforms like Seceon.

Want your own personalized demo of Seceon aiSecuirty Score360 or Seceon aiSecuirty BI360? Simply request a demo here: 

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